These pages contain my thoughts on the meaning and messages of tarot cards that I have drawn for myself. Some of this will be based on traditional interpretations of each card however my intention is to provide more intuitive offerings that are particular to my own life and circumstances at the time.

Sometimes, however, one cannot always see the forest for the trees so I welcome and appreciate comments with any further insights others may like to extend.

Thank you for your visit here; may you find something that resonates within your soul amongst these humble writings. Blessed be.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Card of the Day for Saturday 9 October - Page of Swords

Two pages in a row - definitely a messenger. Today is a day for looking out for communications; things that people say, synchronicities, things that create an ah-ha moment.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Card of the Day for Friday 8 OCtober - Page of Wands

As a Page, this card is a messenger and as a wand it it about action. This card is also representative of a young person, typically a male however the Tarot of Dreams deck uses decidedly undefined genders for the pages, which fit much better in terms of balance and therefore makes this card, where it refers literally to a person, representative of a young girl. In some instances, both approaches to the interpretation of this card will be combined to reflect a message about actions delivered by a young girl.

Rarely do I think of the court cards as actual people however this is the interpretation I am being drawn to today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Card of the Day for Thursday 7 October - VI of Swords

Well, I'm definitely feeling like I am at a cross roads. Each day at the minute is a constant struggle and the metaphor of crossing the river Styx is exceptionally apt. All around me at the moment I see the mist floating above the black waters but for the time being I am safe, gliding my way through the depths, holding my own light and powered by the energy of the universe which I submissively allow to guide me. I know the choice is mine, I have known it even when I didn't feel it. Soon I will be able to take up the swords that point me in so many directions and use them as the oars of experience as I take control of my future direction.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Card of the Day for Wednesday 6 October - IX of Wands

This card acknowledges the long, hard journey I have been on but as a nine card it lets me know that I am nearly there. There has been battles and adventures, mistakes and messages and the time for rest is nearly at an end as I am also nearly recuperated. I have learnt much and am ready to start the final leg, which is also a preparation for the new cycle that will inevitably follow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Card of the Day for Tuesday 5 October - XIV TEMPERANCE

Such a beautiful card and such a beautiful message. She is the angle of balance and of being able to hold all of the elements in her hands and know what to juggle and what to rise above to create perfect harmony in her life.

Temperance is frequently a card of inspiration. She asks us to look at our lives and to make them as we would dream for them to be. She empowers us to lift ourselves off the ground just far enough so it is still in sight but so was can dare to dream and to release ourselves from the mundane shackles that we get so caught up in. Only once we do this can we see all of the possibilities for ourselves and get to work on making them manifest.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Card of the Day for Monday 4 October - Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands is a card of immediate and intense action. Knights are typically impetuous and gung-ho and the Knight of Wands is the epitome of this energy.

This is the card to let me know that sometimes plans get in the way of action and that putting the plans aside today for favour of constant movement and action will bring the greatest rewards.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Card of the Day for Sunday 3 Octiber - VII of Swords

The card of stealth - but who is it who is not being completely honest? Like a thief in the night, we need to take with us what we need and decide what we can do without and therefore leave behind. When we look for ways to escape and none of them seem feasible, we can feel inclined to use the cover of darkness to make our run.

But is this seven warning us against this or is it letting us know this might be the only option?