These pages contain my thoughts on the meaning and messages of tarot cards that I have drawn for myself. Some of this will be based on traditional interpretations of each card however my intention is to provide more intuitive offerings that are particular to my own life and circumstances at the time.

Sometimes, however, one cannot always see the forest for the trees so I welcome and appreciate comments with any further insights others may like to extend.

Thank you for your visit here; may you find something that resonates within your soul amongst these humble writings. Blessed be.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Card of the Day for Thursday 14 October - XIX SUN

Yes, it has certainly felt like a SUN day today, even though the sky is full of rolling, dark grey clouds and a light rain is falling. The coolness of this morning is, to me, a welcome change from the increasingly hot and stuffy weather that this spring is bringing and I am looking at the wet ground and seeing the hand of God providing nourishment to the creation that is nature.

As I write this, the sun has broken through the clouds just outside my window an is shining through as if to provide blessing to my thoughts.

It is in this way that we can truly appreciate the beauty, strength, passion and positivity of the sun, which is what the SUN card represents. Were the sun to shine continuously we would loath it, fear it, resent it. In it's absence, we appreciate it's presence and we know that the sun will always return to us.

Yes, this is definitely my card for today and to have this affirmed in the cards makes me so grateful. Blessed be.

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